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Barthélemy Avocats means 50 years of partner relationships with over 5000 businesses in matters of social law, in both consulting and litigation.

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All our training programs are referenced in the DATADOCK database so the cost of the firm's training actions are covered for OPCA members.

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In 2015, Barthélémy Avocats
will be celebrating its 50th birthday!

50 years of expertise, innovation and human relations, which have made
our practise become companies' essential partner in social law.

In order to thank its clients, partners, relations and friends for their loyalty,
Barthélémy Avocats is organising a real Tour of France from March 31st to June 26th 2015,
in honour of its 16 offices deployed across France.

On June 26th 2015, an exceptional conference will be held in the Economic,
Social and Environmental Council amphitheatre in Paris, in the presence of Jacques Barthélémy
and renowned speakers, who will be honouring participants with their presence.