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Barthélémy Avocats is a firm with 50 years of experience, built around the conviction that people are the core asset of an enterprise. Every day, we take care to preserve that principle and ensure its long-term existence. It is the fact of putting human aspects at the core of our concerns that has enabled us to build up, over the years, a firm with a strong cultural identity and a sense of sharing and service that can be seen clearly in our view of social legislation, in the quality of our relations with our customers and partners, and also in our management of our own human resources. A certainty for 50 years: "Human relations have a future".

Michel MORAND Chairman

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Key figures

  • 50 ans d'Expertise

    50 years of
  • 100 Avocats Dont 46 Associés

    plus de 100 Avocats
    Dont 46 Associés
  • 17 Bureaux En France

    18 Bureaux
    En France
  • Plus de 5000 Clients

    Over 5,000

Download the institutional brochure (format PDF, 340.97 Ko)


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Scientific Council

Through its intense, regular activities, the firm's scientific council plays a major part in setting out the firm's doctrine and making it known inside and outside the firm.

Made up of three partner lawyers and three eminent academics, it also provides solid technical backing for all the lawyers, and helps to set up and run one-day study and reflection sessions organized by the firm for its clients.


Our partners


Since it was first set up, Barthélémy Avocats has always maintained partnership relations with law faculties; they are characterized by :

  • • Strong levels of presence and involvement on the part of our partners and lawyers in higher education in the field (mainly for the DPRT diploma in labour relations legislation at Montpellier and the Master's diploma in social legislation at Clermont-Ferrand);
  • • Contribution to creation of the first university foundation (Fondation Universitaire Auvergne : [http://www.fuda.fr/]).

Chartered accountants

The Barthélémy firm would not be able to plan its services for its clients efficiently without the close cooperation of the firm's chartered accountant.

Legal and judiciary activities cannot be efficient if they are organized without reference to the firm's other advisers, and especially its economic and financial hub.

This means that a partnership relation is essential to enhance levels of efficiency within the framework of complementary interventions.

The operational partnership relation translated quite naturally into a partnership as such with the chartered accountants' profession, as the cabinet Barthélémy firm had already been counselling the profession for a long time, and working jointly with it to determine its social policy, especially as regards negotiating the collective bargaining agreement applicable to the profession.

Thank you to …

Après un court passage dans un collège comme adjoint d’enseignement puis une activité de quelques années dans un groupe de protection sociale, Jacques Barthélémy créé le 1er avril 1965 à Clermont Ferrand le Cabinet qui est aujourd’hui, en particulier grâce à son dynamisme créateur et sa vision du rôle du juriste organisateur, un des fleurons de la profession dans le domaine du droit social.

Malgré ses 80 ans, il continue à développer une intense activité de rédaction d’articles touchant principalement à la protection sociale complémentaire, domaine dans lequel il est unanimement reconnu comme un expert de premier plan, à la négociation et aux conventions collectives, à la durée du travail et au statut des travailleurs, ayant notamment inventé le concept de parasubordination.

Il a eu également une activité d’enseignent supérieur au sein du DJCE puis du DPRT qui lui valut d’accéder au titre de professeur associé à la Faculté de Droit de Montpellier.

He played a major part in the activities of professional organizations, chairing the Auvergne regional committee of legal advisers, and then becoming vice-chairman of the national committee, subsequently going on, after the merger of the two professions in 1990/1992, to sit on the national lawyers' council. He saw action as a representative of the association defending the profession, and also with the Union Nationale des Professions Libérales as delegate vice-chairman. This entitled him to sit on the Economic and Social Council, and he drew up a report on individual enterprises that provided the main source of the French Madelin law passed in 1994. His activities in the DJCE field led him to join the French National Federation for company law, of which he is currently the honorary chairman. He was also chairman of the Institut d'Etudes du travail in Lyon.

His humanist vision of enterprises, based on the principle that their income must be used as a priority to promote human advancement, was the main catalysing force behind the long-term success and growth of the firm, together with his organizational approach to legal matters, which strikes an advantageous balance between economic efficiency and worker protection. These are the elements that constitute the firm's identity and have made it an institution in its field.

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In 2015, Barthélémy Avocats
will be celebrating its 50th birthday!

50 years of expertise, innovation and human relations, which have made
our practise become companies' essential partner in social law.

In order to thank its clients, partners, relations and friends for their loyalty,
Barthélémy Avocats is organising a real Tour of France from March 31st to June 26th 2015,
in honour of its 16 offices deployed across France.

On June 26th 2015, an exceptional conference will be held in the Economic,
Social and Environmental Council amphitheatre in Paris, in the presence of Jacques Barthélémy
and renowned speakers, who will be honouring participants with their presence.